Remote Monitoring In Perth? Gen Connect Pty Ltd. Is The Right Choice To Make For Standby Generators

Gen Connect Pty Ltd offers 24/7 remote monitoring services for generators in Perth. We offer remote access to the owner or facilities manager for monitoring their generator set. This monitoring system allows early diagnosis of any developing problems. It also allows resolution of any issues to avoid a complete break-down.


Remote Monitoring system allows you to control your generator from any location.

A generator is usually used as a backup power source which may not be running 24/7, so you may not know about a problem until it’s too late. A remote monitoring system allows you to take a pro-active approach towards maintenance of a standby generator. With the help of these systems, the performance of the generator can be monitored by anyone, whether inside the facility or off-site. It provides a convenient mode of monitoring remotely and controlling the gen sets. Moreover, generator remote monitoring allows you to control the backup generator. It is a flexible system and can integrate with all controllers in the market; including analogue systems.

Our subscription offers

Gen Connect offers a subscription based service so you don’t need to worry about the capital cost of purchasing the hardware or its maintenance. We install the system after consultation and inspection of the generator, so that the system meets your needs. As each installation is different, the installation fees will vary accordingly. But the monthly monitoring fee and quality of service will remain the same.

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For more information, call Gen Connect for remote monitoring services in Perth at: 1300 436 206 or 08 6202 0084.