Gen Connect Pty Ltd. Offers Remote Monitoring And Management Service In Perth

If you are looking for a reliable remote monitoring and management service for generators in Perth, Gen Connect Pty Ltd. has got you covered. We offer bespoke maintenance programs for standby generators.

How it Works and why it’s important:

Our applications consist of remote equipment that is installed at the site to monitor and control generators. These applications gather real time data using a central PLC-based application.It allows authorized users to control the generator units from any location. This eliminates the need to be present on site. It is a cost effective solution to ensure that your generator is ready to start when required. Furthermore, it allows you take a proactive approach towards power management.

Our remote monitoring and management service includes the indication of:

  • Fuel level
  • Oil pressure
  • Oil level
  • Circuit breaker position
  • Battery voltage
  • Fuel theft
  • Start/Stop generator command
  • Generator temperature
  • Generator output values
  • Generator’s total running hours

You can remotely access common genset parameters like oil pressure, battery voltage, power output, diesel levels, engine temperature, etc. You can also start and stop your generator from any location.The alarm feature of our generator monitoring system alerts you about fuel levels. Whether the fuel level falls below a pre-set level or fuel theft is attempted, alarm notifications will pop-up for a prompt response. You can get direct alerts via SMS or emails.If you are considering an emergency generator in Perth, you should consider our Intelligent Remote Monitoring System. It is designed and programmed by our staff to suit the application of your equipment.

Get in touch:

Call us for consultation regarding remote monitoring services in Perth at: 1300 436 206 or 08 6202 0084.