Maintenance, maintenance and more maintenance…. 

Unfortunately, maintenance is un-avoidable when it comes to standby power generation assets, even though you may not use them often. Problems can occur with the fuel quality due to microbial growth which may affect engine starting or generator output capacity. If an engine hasn’t been operated for an extended period of time, internal engine parts will be subjected to premature wear due to the lubricating oil having drained away from the parts in question, a Gen Connect “Intelligent Monitoring System” will stop this by cranking the engine periodically without causing an engine start! (see our remote monitoring solutions)

Internal rusting can also take place if the engine block is not kept above the dew point temperature. In this case, water condenses onto internal parts of the engine via the engine breather system causing superficial rusting which will contaminate your oil.

Batteries are by far the leading cause of failure with standby generators. Gen Connect mitigate this issue in standby systems by adjusting the static battery charger output voltage according to average seasonal temperatures and site conditions. By doing this on a quarterly basis you can limit the “gassing” of the battery electrolyte and in turn, prevent potential situations which can lead to battery explosions! There are many articles on the web detailing this phenomena and here a two informative articles from, Century Batteries and Worksafe Victoria.

What we offer

We can tailor a programmed maintenance services solution for you to suit your specific model of generator and its application. Gen Connect can carry out service inspections as frequently as monthly, quartely, 6 monthly or annually.

With larger generators (typically above 500kVA) it may be more economical and environmentally considerate to have the engine oil sampled and lab tested to see if it still meets the ASTM standards, this way the oil can continue to be used without the need to change it, saving you precious $$$ in labour, waste disposal and new oil.

Gen Connect service Power Generation in Perth and surrounding regions and we are proud service agents of all Deep Sea Electronics controllers and Mecc Alte Alternators.