What is an “Intelligent Monitoring System?”

Glad you asked! With advances in micro PLC’s (Programmable Logic Controllers) it is now possible and cost effective to integrate these devices into existing generator control systems to actively monitor and test the system as a whole, to ensure that your power generation asset will work when needed most.If you own or are responsible for maintaining an emergency generator in Perth or anywhere in W.A for that matter you should consider the benefits of a Gen Connect Intelligent Remote Monitoring System.

Will a Gen Connect Intelligent Monitoring System work on my equipment?

Absolutely, The system is flexible and can integrate with all controllers on the market and will even work with the “old school” analogue systems.

What’s so special about it?

A Gen Connect Intelligent Monitoring System is designed and most importantly programmed by Gen Connect staff to best suit the application of your equipment. With field experience in knowing what to interrogate in diesel back-up generators and what is most likely to cause the silent failures, you can be assured that if there is a risk of your generator failing to start, you’ll know about it immediately.

Sounds great, but what’s the cost…?

You’ll be surprised! Gen Connect offer a subscriber based service so you won’t need to worry about the capital cost of purchasing the hardware or maintaining it! We will install the system after consulting with you and inspecting the generator so we can achieve the best system to meet your needs.As every installation will be slightly different, installation fees will vary but your monthly monitoring fee will remain the same.


1. But my back-up generators are inspected and tested quarterly…

Preventative maintenance programmes are great and serve their purpose, but, the chances of a battery failing somewhere in between that time is almost a certainty. This is what we refer to as a silent failure, because the static battery charger will falsely give a stable and correct battery voltage which the generator control system “sees” as ok. It’s not until the generator needs to start does the problem become evident.

2. Will I still need to have someone come to site for inspections?

No. Because your equipment is being monitored 24/7. The exception is the annual inspection and service. It is the recommendation of most OEM’s that the oil and filters be changed at 12 monthly intervals for stand-by applications. Gen Connect can do this too and will most likely form part of your monitoring arrangement once you experience the peace of mind and assurance that this special service offers.

3. What does the Intelligent Monitoring System monitor?

We can monitor all of the crucial components such as,

  • Oil level
  • Coolant level
  • Fuel level
  • Coolant temp
  • Static charger voltage
  • Battery voltage
  • Battery health (this parameter is key to your generator being reliable)
  • Operation mode
  • Emergency stop button
  • Circuit breaker position
  • Remote start signal input
  • And much more depending on your control system.
4. How do you check the “Battery health”?

Perhaps the most important aspect of the Intelligent Monitoring System is the method in which it interrogates and confirms a healthy battery. This is achieved by the system disabling the static charger and verifying an acceptable cranking speed is reached, meanwhile, cranking voltage is monitored and post cranking recovery voltage is monitored. This process is undertaken autonomously at programmable intervals.